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isimSoftware Data URI Creator

Data URI Creator is a very simple application that helps you generate Data URIs from images for embedding inside HTML documents. There are a lot of these tools online, but I couldn’t find a desktop one that works offline. I didn’t feel comfortable uploading my copyrighted images to some random website to encode them, so this seemed like the best solution.

isimSoftware Ism.Image.Client

Image formats: bmp, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jfif, gif, ico, emf, tif, tiff, png, exif, pbm, pgm, pnm, tga, raw, dicom DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) Version 3.0 File Format.

isimSoftware SQL Document Database

SQL Document Database can generate a professional quality PDF, HTML, or XML document of the tables, views, procedures, and functions in your SQL Server database down to the column level details. Includes indexes, foreign and primary keys, and usage by stored procedures and functions. Includes an easy to use description editor to quickly allow you to add additional documentation directly into the database.

isimSoftware Interpolation Regression Software

Interpolation and Regression are fundamental and important calculations in mathematics. Mr. Newton and Mr. Gauss were engaged in-depth with numerical solutions for these problems. Today, there are improved algorithms, that can solve such tasks.

isimSoftware Line Count Mini

isimSoftware Line Count Mini Tool Is All New Powerful Line Count Software For Transcription Industry Including Medical Transcription, Secretarial As Well As Translation Industry. Line Count Mini Is An Useful Tool To Count Lines,Word, Page And Character In Multiple Files. Main Features Line Count Mini Counts lines in Word, Excel, Publisher. Line Count Mini Counts lines in PDF, PowerPoint. Line Count Mini Counts lines,word, character, page.