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isimSoftware TeachBoard Voice & Handwriting Recording Software

Instead of showing the instructor's face on the screen, the instructor writes on the screen while explaining using a PDF, PowerPoint, or plain blackboard (whiteboard) as a background. It is easy to operate, and all you need is a PC and a headset to record, so you can quickly mass-produce and distribute videos. It is an ideal tool not only for creating class videos at schools and cram schools, but also for creating in-house training videos and product explanation videos.TeachBoard Voice & Handwriting Recording Software"TeachBoard Office

isimSoftware Puzzle Crossword Creator


isimSoftware TeachBoard Ses ve El Yazısı Kaydetme Yazılımı

Ses ve el yazısı ile kolay video oluşturma yazılımı TeachBoard İçerik Oluşturucu E-öğrenme herkes için kolaydır

isimSoftware Bell Scheduling Software

isimSoftware Bell Scheduling Software is an innovative scheduling program which plays audio files for a public address system through a PC.isimSoftware Bell Scheduling Software plays sounds at specified times.

isimSoftware School Fee Software

isimSoftware School Fee Software is fee management system for Schools, Colleges and Education Institutions

isimSoftware Area and Volume Calculator

isimSoftware Area and Volume Calculator