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isimsoftware Prompter Software

Scrolling Text Software for PC Resizable text scroller, up to full screen size. Load text from file or enter it inside the program. 5 text slots. Fully customizable with adjustable colors and fonts, scrolling speed (mousewheel can be used), global hotkeys, percantage indicator, eye marker, mirror mode, semi-transparency mode, quick-scroll (scrub) function, jump-to-position function. Unbeatable price.

isimSoftware CountDown Timer

isimSoftware countdown timer for Windows, written for show operators by a show operator. Simple intuitive user interface with plenty of options hidden underneath. Displays time remaining, current time and a message to a secondary display. Full network control via a suitable controller. Trigger audio clips at set timer values.

isimSoftware Safety Scoredisplay

Keep track of consecutive accident-free days in an affordable way. The purpose of such a sign is to remind all the employees that safety comes first, while also displaying how many days have passed since the last work-related incident.

isimSoftware Digital Signage Software

Create beautiful signages with the help of this app that offers a plethora of useful tools and features

isimSoftware WhiteBoard Software

IsimSoftware Whiteboard is a Windows App that turns your Tablet PC into a shared whiteboard. It allows you to create a whiteboard on your computer screen, then allows other people to write onto your whiteboard, even if they are in another location!