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isimSoftware Active Directory Reporting

isimSoftware Active Directory Reporting is a reporting tool for Active Directory. isimSoftware Active Directory Reporting contains a large number of pre-built reports plus a built-in scheduler allows you to automate reports on Users, Computers, Groups, Passwords and Office 365 on a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. isimSoftware Active Directory Reporting, automated, simplified and powerful. Produce awesome reports in minutes.

isimSoftware TCP Tester

IsimSoftware TCPTester is a utility to test communication over TCP/IP. IsimSoftware TCPTester acts as a TCP client, opens a persistent socket connection to a TCP server and automatically sends a user-defined command. Once a reply has been received, the command is repeated. A timeout can be specified, after which a timeout error is logged. IsimSoftware TCPTester can also ping an IP address in case of a timeout.

isimSoftware Active Directory Reporter Pro

isimSoftware Active Directory Reporter Pro

isimSoftware Network Monitoring Software

isimSoftware is the latest version of isimSoftware Network Monitor, designed to monitor your server's services, network devices, and more. isimSoftware will send alerts to you via Email or SMS/text message based on rules you specify if these resources become unavailable.

isimSoftware Network Monitor Software

isimSoftware Network Monitor Software Resource List Runs as a Windows service Monitors remotely without agents Monitors multiple resource types Allows customizable monitoring frequency Notifies via Email or text message Uses a simple licensing mechanism