isimSoftware Backup Cloud Based Microsoft Sql Server and File Backup Software

isimSoftware Backup backs up your Microsoft Sql server databases, folders and files. Automate your backup and feel comfortable It automatically transfers MSSQL Server databases, files and folders by backing them up to specified destinations.

What are its features?
isSoftware Backup is preferred because it is reliable. Thanks to this software we prepared with our expert team, your data is always backed up safely. So, what are the features of isimSoftware Backup?

isimSoftware Backup is a backup software that backs up MSSQL Server, Files and Folders to Google Drive, Dropbox, Network or FTP at specified time intervals.
Back up your business data to the cloud in less than 1 hour with isSoftware Backup and feel comfortable.

Full and differential files and folders of MS SQL Server databases (all versions)
It is backup software that backs up to Google Drive, DropBox, FTP and Network by encrypting and compressing optionally and sends a result e-mail after each task.

You select the data to be backed up and leave the backup task to isimSoftware Backup. If you have isimSoftware, your data is safe. isimSoftware Backup backs up your Microsoft Sql server databases, folders and files.

It automatically transfers your backups of MSSQL Server databases, files and folders to the destinations you specify. MSSQL Server backs up your data in two different ways: full backup and differential backup. All backup processes are recorded in the log file and you can easily review the backup processes whenever you want. Sends backups to 4 different locations at the same time (Network, Ftp, GoogleDrive, DropBox,) Compresses the backups in zip format. If you wish, you can maximize the protection of the backup copy by encrypting your compressed backup files. Since it is integrated with the Windows service, it continues to run in the background. Sends automatic notification e-mails for completed backup tasks

Full and diffrential MSSQL database backup
Download and restore from backup locations
Backing up folders and files
Create unlimited tasks
Encrypted compression support
Automatic notification via e-mail after each backup task
Controlled area use with retroactive deletion feature
Preventing unauthorized persons from accessing the software interface with the authorization function
Thanks to online log tracking, backup logs of all managed servers can be monitored from the same screen, even if they are in different locations.
Easy task creation with wizard
Ability to view online and offline backup logs
Monitoring capacity usage information of the cloud server
Backup to multiple locations simultaneously
Manual and automatic backup
Customizable backup file name
Taking full and differential backup in the desired time interval
User-friendly interface
As you know, hackers who enter the servers encrypt business data, return the data for high amounts, and constantly set ransomware and transmit it to companies. This causes serious problems. isSoftware Backup is a software designed to overcome exactly this problem and offers you both security and backup opportunities.