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isimSoftware PDF resizer

With this tool, you can instantly resize your PDF documents, whether for personal or business use. It is beneficial for reducing the size of large files to conserve disk space, bandwidth, and computer memory, as well as for adjusting the paper size for printing. Additionally, it can increase the dimensions of a PDF, but it's important to note that image quality may be affected.

isimSoftware Bell Scheduling Software

isimSoftware Bell Scheduling Software is an innovative scheduling program which plays audio files for a public address system through a PC.isimSoftware Bell Scheduling Software plays sounds at specified times.

isimSoftware MS Excel To PDF Converter

Convert Microsoft Excel Workbooks, Xlsx or Xls into PDF, CSV and many other File formats.The MS Excel to PDF Converter is a specialized software application designed for efficient conversion of Excel spreadsheets into multiple file formats, including PDF, CSV, ODS and TXT. This tool streamline bulk data conversion tasks, enabling users to convert numerous CSV, TXT, XLSX, and XLS files into PDF format within a single batch operation.